Little Women



Presented by Mel & Sal

Time Marches on

Jo would rather paddle her own canoe and die a spinster than give up her freedom for a man. Amy, on the other hand, would give anything to be loved, and even more by someone rich. Meg is content to be settled with her Mr Brooke. And Beth just wants everyone to be happy and to play her music.

This queering of Louisa May Alcott’s timeless coming of age tale finds something to admire and loath about each of the March sisters and their neighbour Laurie, as they grapple with everyday life, tragedy, love, and independence.

Sally Davies and Melanie Julien-Martial celebrate the true universality of this beloved text, bringing Little Women to the stage with a stellar cast including Cezera Critti-Schnaars, Jess Nyanda Moyle, Ramiah Alcantara, Amber Kitney and Mani Mae Gomes.

Image by Duncan Wright.

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