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King Street Corner Pocket

4 - 6 July 2019 His Majesty's Theatre

King Street Corner Pocket

4 - 6 July 2019 His Majesty's Theatre

Presented by WA Youth Jazz Orchestra

Perth and Western Australia host some of the most outstanding jazz talent in the country. King St Corner Pocket will showcase these exceptional local artists, emerging and established, in a fun filled festival where you don’t have to walk more than 50m to hear a new sound.

Festival performances will be 50-60 minutes long, with performances overlapping at different venues in and around King Street, offering audiences the choice to mix and match their own choice of music.

WAYJO will once again be using His Majesty’s Theatre (Downstairs at The Maj, and Dress Circle Bar), the InterContinental Perth City Centre, The Sewing Room and other spaces as activated performance venues... stay tuned for the festival lineup announcement soon!

See more Jazz for less with a Pocket Pass voucher. 

Check out the festival FAQ's tab for more info.

Thursday 4 July 

Downstairs at The Maj

6PM - Five Pillars of Salt
7:30PM - Monday Night Orchestra
9PM - Monday Night Orchestra

Dress Circle Bar

5:30PM - Bill and Ben
7PM - Synken
8:30PM - Anea Duratovic Quintet

Intercontinental Hotel

6PM - Imogen Thomson/Austin Salisbury - Majadra
7:30PM - Marc Osborne Quartet
9PM - Dan Garner and the 4 Piece Combo

Cheeky Sparrow

5:30PM - Split Kick
7PM - The Island Trio
8:30PM - Helium

The Sewing Room

18+ venue
7PM - DSUS Afro-Peruvian Group presents "Soul of Black Peru"
8:30PM - Neuva Salsa Orchestra

Barre Cafe

5:30PM - TRISK
7PM - Kristian Borring Trio
8:30PM - Ko-Ko

The Glamour Bar - Prince Lane

18+ venue
6PM - Fat Sparrow
7:30PM - Libby Hammer
9PM - Phoebus Cartel

Friday 5 July 

Downstairs at The Maj

6PM - Tuesday Night Orchestra
7:30PM - Tuesday Night Orchestra
9PM - Oz Big Band

Dress Circle Bar

5:30PM - Maximillian Wickham Quintet
7PM - MELVE plays Blue Note
8:30PM - Jessica Carlton Sextet

Intercontinental Hotel

6PM - Gemma Farrell Quintet
7:30PM - Sassafras Trio plus special guest Steve Searle
9PM - Joshua Nicholls plus Seven

Cheeky Sparrow

5:30PM - Sarah Ramsey Trio
7PM - Hanna Kim Trio
8:30PM - TVQ

The Sewing Room

18+ venue
7PM - Localz2000
8:30PM - Demon Days

Barre Cafe

5:30PM - Joshua Cusack 4tet
7PM - Sylvia Cornes Duo
8:30PM - Russell Holmes Trio

The Glamour Bar - Prince Lane

18+ venue
6PM - The Greig-Kelly Quintet with Victoria Newton
7:30PM - Reece Clark & Friends
9PM - Perth, Wind and Fire

Saturday 6 July 

Downstairs at The Maj

6PM - Wednesday Night Orchestra
7:30PM - Wednesday Night Orchestra
9PM - James Sewell Quintet

Dress Circle Bar

5:30PM - Matt Smith Presents: Driftwood
7PM - The Singer Songwriters of Jazz
8:30PM - Trio Trio

Intercontinental Hotel

6PM - Ricki Malet Quartet
7:30PM - Bunbury SHS
9PM - William Chiew Quartet

Cheeky Sparrow

5:30PM - Ardent
7PM - Penny King Quartet
8:30PM - Holli Scott & Ben Matthews

Barre Cafe

5:30PM - Vib3
7PM - The Love Rats
8:30PM - 457 World Jazz

The Glamour Bar - Prince Lane

18+ venue
6PM - Holli Scott & the Rush Hour Circus
7:30PM - Kohesia
9PM - Perth Cabaret Collective

Please note:
  • Mobile telephones and electronic devices are to be turned off during the performance.
  • $15.00 Standard
  • $125.00 Pocket Pass voucher (10 tickets)
  • $25.00 Double pack (2 performances at The Sewing Room on the same night)
  • $36.00 Triple pack (3 performances at The Glamour Bar at Prince Lane on the same night)

Pricing and Fee Information

Web: $3.95 if cart values is $36 or less, $5.95 if cart value is more than $36. 
Phone or mail: $6.95. In person: $0. 
Group bookings: $8.95. Add $4.40 for Registered Mail.
All tickets/items prices include GST if applicable and are quoted in Australian dollars.
Ticket prices can be dynamically adjusted, either up or down, based on real-time market demand, and without notice.
Please note ticket prices are subject to change without notice.

General FAQs

What are the “late” tickets?

  • If you have seen one performance, you can still pop in to see another session that is currently running. Simply pay $5 at the His Majesty’s Theatre Box Office for your ticket to get late entry to a performance. You may only see 20 minutes, but for $5 it’s a bargain.

What is a Pocket Pass?

  • A book of 10 vouchers which you can exchange for tickets to any performance in the festival. See the full Pocket Pass FAQ for details.

Is the festival family friendly?

  • Yes, although some venues are restricted as 18+ events. All shows at Prince Lane and The Sewing Room are 18+. For all other venues, we encourage high school students and their families to come along.

Can I buy tickets at all of the venues?

  • The hub of the Festival is the His Majesty’s Theatre Box Office. There will also be a ticket station at Prince Lane.

Are all venues accessible?

  • Unfortunately not. Cheeky Sparrow is not an accessible venue due to stairs.

Do performances sell out?

  • Yes! Some venues have only a very small capacity. If there’s an act you want to see, make sure you book early.

Will there be CDs for sale?

  • Yes, WAYJO is offering artists the opportunity to sell merchandise and CDs at the Festival.

Pocket Pass FAQ

The Pocket Pass is the best way to see the Festival. For $125, the Pocket Pass gives you 10 vouchers to exchange for tickets to the performances you’d like to see. That’s a saving of $25 on the normal price for 10 tickets.

 You can use your Pocket Pass to redeem tickets one at a time or all at once. Best of all, you can share them with your friends.

 Pocket Pass vouchers can be redeemed at His Majesty’s Box Office during opening hours any time before the festival starts to save you time on the night, and guarantee your tickets before they sell out.

What is a Pocket Pass?

  • The Pocket Pass is the best way to see the Festival. For $125, the Pocket Pass gives you 10 vouchers to exchange for tickets to the performances you’d like to see. That’s a saving of $25 on the normal price for 10 tickets.

How do I use my Pocket Pass?

  • Pocket Pass vouchers can be redeemed at His Majesty’s Theatre Box Office. Each voucher enables the holder to exchange for a single ticket to any standard priced performance during Corner Pocket.

Can I only redeem the Pocket Pass at His Majesty’s Theatre?

  • Yes, this is the only box office that will accept the Pocket Pass vouchers.

Can I reserve tickets to a selected performance?

  • In fact, it’s best to redeem your vouchers early so that you don’t miss out on a seat to the performance of your choice.

I want to book for multiple shows.

  • There is no limit to how you can use your Pocket Pass. You can exchange all of your tickets to a single performance, to 10 different performances, or any combination you like.

Can I use my Pocket Pass for performances at all of the venues?

  • Yes, Pocket Passes are not limited to His Majesty’s Theatre shows, and can be exchanged for tickets to performances at Kailis, the Intercontinental Hotel, and the Sewing Room. Please exchange passes for tickets at His Majesty’s Theatre box office.

Am I able to share my Pocket Pass with friends?

  • It’s a great way to bring friends and family to the events.

How far in advance should I redeem my vouchers?

  • We recommend exchanging your vouchers ahead of time. This will secure your ticket early and also mean that you avoid queues at the box office on the night.

What if the show I want to see has sold out?

  • Unfortunately we cannot guarantee access with Pocket Pass vouchers. Single tickets are currently on sale as well, so get in early to use your Pocket Pass.

What if I lose my Pocket Pass?

  • Pocket Pass vouchers are like cash, so please treat them accordingly. No replacements or refunds will be available for lost or stolen Pocket Pass vouchers.

What if I accidentally book the wrong performance?

  • After you’ve exchanged your Pocket Pass, please check your performance tickets carefully. Once you have left the box office, we will be unable to exchange your tickets to another session. If you see a mistake, let the box office staff know immediately to remedy the issue.

I can’t use all of my Pocket Pass vouchers, can I get a partial refund?

  • No, Pocket Passes are purchased in a batch, and we are unable to offer refunds for unused passes once the Festival is complete. So pass them onto your friends if you can’t use them yourself.

Will I be able to see something I like during the Corner Pocket Festival?

  • With 55 different acts performing during Corner Pocket, we think there’s a little bit of jazz for everyone. Check out something new or different.

Are Pocket Pass vouchers valid for children?

  • All tickets are a standard price, so if you’re budding musician wants to check out a show or two you are more than welcome to bring them along.

Who are WAYJO and why are they putting on this Festival?

  • The WA Youth Jazz Orchestra (WAYJO) celebrated their 35th anniversary in 2018 with the inaugural King St Corner Pocket Jazz Festival. Showcasing the best jazz Perth has to offer, WAYJO again bring together the best professional and emerging talent at affordable prices for audiences. With 55 Acts in 7 Venues over 3 Nights, we encourage you to choose your own sonic adventure at King St Corner Pocket Jazz Festival 2019!
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