Murders at The Maj - Murder to a Tee
19 - 21 August 2021
His Majesty's Theatre, Downstairs at the Maj

Murders at The Maj - Murder to a Tee

19 - 21 August 2021 His Majesty's Theatre, Downstairs at the Maj Buy tickets

Presented by Cluedunnit

Join us in a round of golf to die for...

The story so far: It is the summer of 1933, and Enid Wilson has won the British Ladies Open Golf Championship at Gleneagles for the third year in a row.

200 miles away in the Sleepy City of Wells, Somerset, the party to launch the new Mendip Fairways Golf Course opening is about to begin. Local property developer Sebastian Frazer welcomes his guests, all of whom cannot wait to play a round at this championship grade course.

Sebastian's two business partners, Beatrice Wynn and Rupert Pottinger cannot wait to see the membership list grow, especially at £500.00 per year. His loyal PA, Annabella Devonport, is busily ticking off the VIP's as they arrive, including Connie Beauchamp, the most sort after fashion designer for female golf wear.

On such a joyous occasion, what could possibly handicap proceedings?

You are invited to dress in the style of the period, as you work together to solve the mystery. 

About Cluedunnit

Cluedunnit’s murder mystery dinner theatre shows are some of the best and longest established in the world. The shows feature a cast of professional actors in 1930’s period costume, bringing variety and spontaneity to each show. This is an interactive dinner theatre show, with guests being seated on round tables of 10. The action will take place during the course of the dinner. Actors will visit each table throughout the night so that they may be questioned. Various clues will also be uncovered and presented.

Dinner Menu

Tee Off

Salmon ‘sharkie’ on watercress, pickled rhubarb, cucumber and wasabi water (gluten free, dairy free, nut free) 


Tempeh on watercress, pickled rhubarb, cucumber and wasabi water (nut free, gluten free, dairy free, vegan)


Mint mojo glazed ‘chicken stick’, wild rice and red pepper tabouleh, truffled croutons (nut free, dairy free)


Roast pumpkin ‘foot wedge’ wild rice and red pepper tabouleh, truffled croutons (nut free, dairy free, vegan)


‘Mud ball’ tee cake, salted caramel ‘chunk’, pecan ‘barkie’ (gluten free, vegetarian)

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Please note:
  • Mobile telephones and electronic devices are to be turned off during the performance.
  • $110.00 Admit

Price includes three-course dinner. Please select either the standard or vegetarian option when making your selection

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