Murders at The Maj - Murders on the Nile
16 - 18 December 2021
His Majesty's Theatre, Downstairs at the Maj

Murders at The Maj - Murders on the Nile

16 - 18 December 2021 His Majesty's Theatre, Downstairs at the Maj Buy tickets

Presented by Cluedunnit

A cocktail party on the Nile, a new discovery, old curses…

The story so far: You are cordially invited to join us aboard the steamboat SUDAN on the River Nile, for an exclusive cocktail party. The evening is to commemorate the historic opening of King Tutankhamun’s tomb, ten years ago on the 26th November 1922, by Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon.

Amongst the very first to enter the tomb on that infamous day was Robert Mallowan, who is taking this opportunity tonight to announce the new archaeological mission to open a recently discovered chamber within that very tomb. Archaeologists strongly believe it may be that of ancient Egypt's Queen Nefertiti. This expedition, sponsored by millionaire Sir Flinders Petrie, is causing great interest in Cairo. Exciting times ahead!

It is hoped that none of the ‘King Tutankhamun’s Curses’ follow this new expedition ...

Before you arrive in Egypt to board the ‘SUDAN’ you are advised to be inoculated against ‘yellow fever’, ‘malaria’ and ‘typhoid’.

You are invited to dress in the style of the period as you work together to solve the mystery. 

About Cluedunnit

Cluedunnit’s murder mystery dinner theatre shows are some of the best and longest established in the world. The shows feature a cast of professional actors in 1930’s period costume, bringing variety and spontaneity to each show. This is an interactive dinner theatre show, with guests being seated on round tables of 10. The action will take place during the course of the dinner. Actors will visit each table throughout the night so that they may be questioned. Various clues will also be uncovered and presented.

Dinner menu


Baba ghanoush, salted and smoked chickpeas, green chilli olives, toasted flatbread (dairy free/nut free/vegetarian/vegan) 


Dukkha crusted salmon, warm pearl couscous salad, citrus and mint tomato salsa (dairy free) 


Falafel kofta, roast vegetable stack, watermelon and mint salad (gluten free/dairy free/nut free/vegetarian/vegan)


Semolina cake (basbousa), pistachio brittle, coconut meringues clouds (gluten free/vegetarian) 

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Please note:
  • Mobile telephones and electronic devices are to be turned off during the performance.
  • $110.00 Admit

Price includes three-course dinner. Please select either the standard or vegetarian option when making your selection

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