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Barking Gecko Theatre Company

For nearly 30 years Barking Gecko Theatre Company has made theatre that fires the imaginations of children, teens and their families.

Often a Barking Gecko theatre production is a child’s first experience of live theatre. Barking Gecko’s productions offer a chance to gather in the theatre and meet characters that are not just like us. Every year our audiences giggle, gasp, caper, cheer, weep, shriek, question, imagine and leave the theatre understanding the world, themselves and others a little more.

We have made over 80 theatre productions, toured to 6 countries, appeared in 15 Perth Festivals, received numerous awards and reach around 30,000 people every year.

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Barking Gecko Theatre Company
178 William St, Perth 6000
T: 08 6212 9399

Events by Barking Gecko Theatre Company