Bindjareb Pinjarra
9 July 2021
State Theatre Centre of WA, Studio Underground

Bindjareb Pinjarra

9 July 2021 State Theatre Centre of WA, Studio Underground

Presented by Black Swan State Theatre Company of WA

Bindjareb Pinjarra alternates scenes from the past and the present, drawing on written and oral versions of the Pinjarra incident to ask the questions – was this a battle or a massacre? And which of the various versions of history is the true one?

Incredibly, the play contains enormous humour and goodwill and is both very funny and very tragic. It is not a grim and dour exercise in breast-beating or finger-wagging: it is lively, entertaining and engages directly with its audience. This unique play is performed by Nyoongar actors Kelton Pell, Frank Nannup and Isaac Drandich and Whitefella actors Phil Thomson, Geoff Kelso and Sam Longley. Bindjareb Pinjarra is Western Australia's longest-running theatre production. This iconic 'comedy about a massacre' has garnered great reviews and ovations throughout Australia.

Re-imagined and restaged in late 2009 to mark the 175th anniversary of the Pinjarra Massacre, this has been a hit of the Dreaming Festival in Queensland. The show illustrates how black and white Australians are all part of the same history and how by acknowledging that history, we can move forward together to create a better future as one people.

Created and Performed by Isaac Drandic, Geoff Kelso, Sam Longley, Frank Nannup, Kelton Pell & Phil Thomson

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