Black Swan Creative Ground Workshops
5 June - 9 October 2021
State Theatre Centre of WA, Middar Room

Black Swan Creative Ground Workshops

5 June - 9 October 2021 State Theatre Centre of WA, Middar Room Buy tickets

Presented by Black Swan State Theatre Company

Creative Ground is open to anyone who is artistically curious aged 20+.

Led by highly skilled and passionate artists and practitioners, they create a supportive framework for life-learners to explore creative processes and meaningful self-expression. Check out more information about each session below.


Saturday 19 June 10am - 1pm
Experience collaborative storytelling through improvisation. Facilitated by Christie Sistrunk.

Physical Theatre
Saturday 14 August 10am - 1pm
Learn how to create story and character through a range of physical theatre activities. Facilitated by Dr. Teresa Izzard.

Building Character
Saturday 21 August 10am - 1pm
Create and inhabit compelling characters from a play from our 2021 season. Facilitated by Caitlin Beresford-Ord.

Character Dialogue
Saturday 21 August 2pm - 5pm
Explore techniques for writing engaging dialogue for the stage. Facilitated by Hellie Turner.

Scene Study
Saturday 9 October 10am - 1pm
Explore the motivations and relationship dynamics between characters. Facilitated by Caitlin Beresford-Ord.

Direct It
Saturday 9 October 2pm - 5pm
Inspire connected and compelling performances from actors. Facilitated by Caitlin Beresford-Ord.

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