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Judith Lucy Vs Men

30 May - 1 June 2019 State Theatre Centre of WA, Heath Ledger Theatre

Judith Lucy Vs Men

30 May - 1 June 2019 State Theatre Centre of WA, Heath Ledger Theatre Buy tickets

Presented by Token Events

Judith Lucy is single again…and 50.

She recently reflected on her entire history with men and concluded that maybe it was time to shut up shop. ‘Whatever it is that I’m selling, a lot of straight guys simply aren’t that interested in buying it and I’m including people like my father.’ In amongst exploring stereotypes and her own desires, Judith Lucy will recount her full history with the opposite sex and leave it up to the audience to determine whether she should ever date again.

Should Judith hang up her vagina for good?

Western Australia, the decision is yours!

“Great comedians have time for a sip of water after delivering a ripper punchline. There were times when Lucy could have gone to the bar for a glass of red and we'd still be laughing when she got back”. - The Age

“It’s not laugh a minute, it is bucket loads of laughs per minute….She is fast, she’s clever and most of all Lucy is very, very funny” - Sunday Telegraph, Sydney

Please note:
  • Mobile telephones and electronic devices are to be turned off during the performance.
  • Cameras, video cameras and tape recorders will not be permitted without the consent of the promoter.


  • $44.90 Adult

Friday & Saturday

  • $54.90 Adult

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