Felicity Footin
9 - 12 February 2022
Subiaco Arts Centre, Studio

Felicity Footin

9 - 12 February 2022 Subiaco Arts Centre, Studio Buy tickets

Presented by Jane Hille Productions and Subilicious as part of FRINGE WORLD Festival 2022

"Felicity, you can send several complex, convoluted and incomplete emails, which works well. Or better still if the other party can hear the information indirectly, second or third hand, that is tremendously ineffectively effective ..."

Felicity Footin is a new employee at the corporate level of a soft toy company. To be successful, she is going to have to embrace the company rhetoric! You know, have a marvellously passive and indirect approach to all communication, workplaces don’t thrive on clarity or transparency, after all, do they?

No one wants other people to be deliberately upfront or direct, especially at work! No one expects anyone to actually get things done quickly. There are always policies, procedures and protocols, to ensure employees don't. Felicity does her best to embrace the company motto, 'no sharp edges'! But, as she too begins to sweep things under the company carpet, wherever that is, she may lose the love of her life, Fergus Forthwith.

Please note:
  • Mobile telephones and electronic devices are to be turned off during the performance.
  • Cameras, video cameras and tape recorders will not be permitted without the consent of the promoter.
  • $30.00 Adult
  • $15.00 Concession (Pensioners, Seniors, Under 16s and Unemployed)
  • $15.00 Student

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