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Kravgi: A Sci-Fi Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

25 January 2020 Subiaco Arts Centre, The Studio

Kravgi: A Sci-Fi Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

25 January 2020 Subiaco Arts Centre, The Studio Buy tickets

Part of Subilicious, Fringe World Festival 2020

Presented by Tentactular Entertainment

Monsters, meteors and mysteries await in Kravgi, a science fiction choose-your-own-adventure play in which an audience member's choices and actions determine the plot's progression.

Each story contains unique dialogue, settings, props, music and projected videos, resulting in 1 of 50 endings. Some are happy. Some are bittersweet. Most are gruesome.

Anthony Tennant is an Interplanetary Linguist in the year 2299, tasked with communicating with extra-terrestrial species in nearby solar systems. However, contacting just one of the orbiting planets will cause a chain of events that, if unsuccessfully navigated, will lead to Anthony's, or Earth's, unfortunate demise.

Each night, an audience member volunteers themselves to take part in Kravgi, where their responsibilities may include making noises, throwing props at the actor and operating the tentacle of a gargantuan space squid. Periodically, they must make several deceptively important decisions to ensure Anthony escapes the chaos alive, unless they prefer to see him die horribly.

Kravgi contains original music and art that illustrate each new setting and event, guiding audience and actor alike towards their happy ending, if not the other 40+ less-than-cheery conclusions.

Strict lockout no latecomers admitted. Please arrive on time

Please note:
  • Mobile telephones and electronic devices are to be turned off during the performance.
  • $25.00 Admit

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