Sunset Heritage Precinct

The Department of Local Government Sports and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) on behalf of the Minister for Culture and the Arts is calling on organisations with the necessary skills, experience and financial resources to register their interest for long-term agreement opportunities within one of Western Australia’s most significant heritage sites, the Sunset Heritage Precinct. 

Sunset, formally a public hospital which continued to operate until 1995, is located in Perth’s exclusive suburb of Dalkeith with expansive views to the east and south over the Swan River to the Darling Range.

The site has been set aside for arts, cultural, community and ancillary commercial uses only.


This expression of interest (EOI) seeks to identify appropriately credentialed organisations to be selected to submit a proposal for a long-term agreement with the Minister of Culture and the Arts. The EOI is seeking development investment at the Sunset site that will enable short-term, medium and/or activation and leasing opportunities. The proposal is to be in line with the Sunset Heritage Precinct objectives and Transformation Strategy consistent with the Occupancy Management Strategy that will encompass the whole of designated area and/or selected buildings. The procurement process of a preferred proponent/s will be undertaken in two stages, the first being an Expression of Interest (stage one), the timing of which is detailed below.

EOI released to Proponents - Saturday, 16 February 2019

Non-Mandatory Briefing/Inspection of Site - Friday, 1 March 2019
EOI closing date Wednesday, - 20 March 2019
Evaluation of submissions by - Thursday, 18 April 2019
Notification to all Proponents by - Friday, 26 April 2019

EOI Brochure


EOI Document



To register your interest please contact McGees Property:

Mr. Peter Duffield 
Mobile: 0418 926 296 
Phone: (08) 9476 2004 

Mr. Victor Sankey
Mobile: 0418 926 295
Phone: (08) 9476 2005

History in the Space

Sunset Hospital is located at Birdwood Parade, Dalkeith

On 27 November 2016 the Sunset Heritage Precinct was opened to the public, including picnic areas, nature playground and the Padbury View of the Swan River.

In October 2013 the State Government announced the Sunset Transformation Strategy outlining a staged restoration of the 8.2ha former hospital site in Dalkeith, which has essentially been vacant since its decommissioning in 1995.

The transformation strategy will guide the development of the site. The significant heritage buildings will be retained and progressively restored for arts, cultural, community and ancillary commercial purposes.

First established in 1904 as Claremont Old Men’s Home, Sunset was built to house men who were once agricultural and pastoral workers, gold prospectors or former convicts unable to support themselves in their old age.

The site was chosen to remove the men from otherwise uncongenial circumstances with the surrounding bushland fostering a spirit of restful contentment.

The original buildings were based on a Federation ‘Arts and Crafts’ style of architecture defined by open spaces allowing the movement of fresh air, while verandas provided shade.

During the depression of the 1930s, the Home was swamped with a record 750 old men accommodated. In 1941 a competition was held among the residents to rename the home, and the winning name Sunset was adopted. It wasn’t until 1965 that women were welcomed as residents.

In the mid 1960s, Sunset was classed as a public hospital, which continued to operate until 1995. The whole place was entered on the State Register of Heritage Places in 1997, and 11 of the 13 main buildings across the site have been identified to hold significant heritage value.

The vision for the Sunset Heritage Precinct is embedded in celebrating the site’s unique history, while progressively enabling the community to engage in a vibrant new creative arts and cultural facility.

This will be staged with Sunset’s historically significant buildings being progressively restored to transform the precinct into a collaborative, engaging community space.

Given the unique positioning of the Sunset Heritage Precinct, the site has the potential to evolve into a cultural artistic hub showcasing Western Australia’s creative talent on the national and international stage.

To make an enquiry please contact us via email. Please note reservation signs will be removed. 


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